Hi, I'm Daniel.

I'm a professional eclectic who dabbles in programming, film, design, and music.

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Over 13,000 reputation on Stack Overflow with a specialty in iPhone and iOS.


Princeton University class of 2018 studying Operations Research and Financial Engineering.

Art, music, apps, animation, and answers have reached over 500,000 people.

Meetingbird Meet—Launch Video

Animation and Motion Graphics

Vector animated motion graphic to promote YCombinator productivity startup Meetingbird.

Designation Conference 2017

Creative Director

Spearheaded design and development of overall conference experience.


Music Production & DJ'ing

DJ'ed several large 500+ person club events. Produced several original tracks and mixes.

IgniteSTEM Conference 2017

Chief of Staff

Co-founded education technology conference to train teachers in emerging tech.

Crash Pad Drums—iPhone App

iOS App Development

Premium iPhone drumming and sequencing app with over 150,000 downloads.

Grin—Life Analytics

App Concept Motion Graphic

Concept video for an all-inclusive analytics app to measure health and happiness trends.

I don't really use Twitter.

I mean—if you really want to follow me that badly, I'll take the free Internet points.